Baseline Protocol

The Baseline protocol is a technique allowing multiple actors to coordinate activities on chain without revealing their internal workings. The protocol uses a registry to record the identity of participants, and a ledger to record successive activities.

Splunk ingests machine data, indexes it on the fly, and makes separate data sets searchable against an implicit join on time.

This primes Splunk to be the arbiter of Baseline protocol implementations.

With Splunk you can:

  • Follow the activity of the registry and ledger
  • Compare the proofs committed to the ledger to the data stored locally, to check the validity of claims made by participants
  • Alert proactively when activity on chain appears suspicious

Splunk represents all this information in rich searches, reports that can run periodically, or dashboards that can represent the flow of information in real time.

Watch an interview of our team member on the Baseline show:

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